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Yikes I’m a MOM!

   OMFG! So i suddenly just became a mother..I am taking care of my pup..he is still a newborn and is so cute.. All he does is sleep and eat and pee! lol…I haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep. Especially now since he sleeps with me, i have to make sure that he doesn’t fall or that i hit him. So i pretty much just stay awake the whole entire time. Omg he is so tiny, its adorable, and the other dogs like him..They are always liking him and stuffs. He makes me super happy and helps me disconnects from my problems.

 Well today was a boring day the weather sucked so much. And right around this moment Ann is getting dress so she can go to the kids party with her hubby and kid, while i’ll just stay here and blog and work on my website and doggysit ^_^.. I told myself that i have to be happy and that i can’t just sit here and be depressed. Its just i’m a tad sad that i haven’t heard his voice and i was hoping that he would call, but i don’t see that happening. Well this one is short but the next one i’ll try to make it loonger..lol..


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bond156 said: You're sad because you aren't with your bf anymore, and you'll be alone on that day. I'm sad because a girl i liked rejected me for another man. I also never had someone on V-day. I know that feeling of being alone, and it hurts so much. It's tough to get by, but I hope you are able to overcome it eventually.

thank u so much..and sorry about the girl..that was pretty cruel..but i’ve been in that position too..and it sucks..

Valentine’s Day is on Monday..Closing.

  Monday is V day..A day that every year i’ve spent by myself..and yea this year is another one..I understand that tho its just day, it means something towards me..Especially since i’ve never been with anyone on that day.How sad. Well today is Friday and just a couple of minutes til Saturday. I got my puppy, he is so cute and such a cry baby his so adorable. My landlords dog Alana the little one is so rough with him while Polo the American Bull dog is gentle. How cute, you would figure the big one would be rough. Anyways so we are now just chilling, Ann and Peter are outside playing poker with the fam and i’m inside watching tomb Raider and watching little Emi (the puppy) and way deep inside i am hurting still, i am crying..I miss him so much and its good to know that he is having the time of his life..While i like an idiot am just here thinking non stop about him..I cant even finish writing this cuz im crying again..


   So i don’t plan on using Facebook as much or at all. I guess just when i really need to, to get in contact with someone or something. So instead i’ll just be blogging here, which i most likely connected it to my facebook so i guess people will know that i am still alive. Writing is the only way that i can escape and feel free. I am in a huge depression stage, i am not eating, not sleeping right, although yesterday i did not sleep at all. Me and my boyfriend are apart, which just made everything go dark for me..I feel like he left me in my most critical moment ever. I wanted to spend one last night with him, but he couldn’t cause supposedly his grandmother was waiting for him. When now that i think about it..In what moment did he gave his grandparents the key to the house. Well whatever. I just had to take a shower with limited hot water and no curtain. So yea the floor is super wet, which i ended up slipping and hurting my back..AWESOME -_-..I had no towel, so i had to put on my clothes with me being wet. I am feel so alone, abandoned. I feel like it doesn’t effect him in any way. Like it doesn’t bother him at all. That he leaves me here. I mean thank god for my landlords for being such awesome people that they are letting me crash with them for a while. But like i don’t think he understands how horrible this looks likes.. I am invading a family’s privacy, that they don’t have to deal with my baggage.I bet everything that he is doing so well.. Cause he can go out, chill with his friends go anywhere..While yea i am here crying and suffering..awesome..why do us girl, when we deal with this..why do we sit at home and just cry and get all depress..while the guy just goes out having the time of his life with his buddies or already talking to girls. Makes the girls feel like they didn’t mean nothing to you at all..Like they don’t even appear in your thoughts. 

  Somewhere deep inside i want to hate him..But i cant cause i love him so much..He has been the most amazing boyfriend i’ve ever had and his is not a bad person. I cant even delete his pictures or change my status on facebook..I don’t want to cause it makes me feel like we are still together. I love him to death..And i will wait for him..Please as you read this, don’t think he is a bad person and i am not trying to make him look bad..Cause he has a whole bunch of problems as well..Its just that i am hurting cause after losing like everything, i lost him as well..and he needed his time to clear his head. Just like me to..but its just at rock bottom at the end. He leaves. And thats whats hurting. But god knows just how much i love him.


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